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Welcome to Norwegian Originals!

Our mission is to bring Norwegian traditional food to the world,
one country at a time.
By expanding slowly, we make sure our suppliers have time to grow with us.

We offer selected cured meats and flatbread to restaurants, and boutiques.
Over time, as we grow, our catalogue will grow with us, adding more exciting products from small local producers from our home country, Norway. Feel free to contact us if you want to be a part of our family.

All the meat we sell come from animals that have had a good life. They have been roaming free on the Norwegian countryside, exploring the woods, and enjoying a diverse diet. This gives their meat that special taste and tenderness that cannot be replicated.

Norwegian Originals AS`s founder, Asbjørn S. Tjelmeland is traveling around Norway, and visiting the local producers of different foods and drinks. So we are certain that the quality, and production methods measure up to our standards. You can trust, that what Norwegian Originals AS decide to put into its portfolio will be of the highest of quality.

Our philosophy is, a happy animal, gives tender meat,
and tender meat gives happy humans.

Stay tuned, join our mailing list for updates on new products, offers, secrets, and the occasional cat video.

The site is still being worked on, so our shop will open at a later date. Our catalogue is how ever open for download.

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